Can bird poop damage my car?

Bird droppings have a ph of 3.5 to 4.5 which it is quite acidic and begins to work through your clear coat as soon as it lands, and with many variables like sun exposure, age of car, type of clear coat and many others it could cause irreparable damage.

Now it is inevitable to not get droppings on your car, but avoiding permanent damage is easy and all it takes are a few items added to your car.

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Before we give you the recipe please know that professional detailers like the ones at DDYC   always recommend to use products that have a good reputation and you can find reviews online, some of the products we use are only available to professionals but there are other brands with similar results. The best consumer friendly is chemical guys they are really friendly, offer classes and back their products just a wholesome company that we support

Lets first talk about layers of a car to fully understand what can happen

The firs layer is of course the metal,then a layer of primer is applied, then paint (which could be from 3 to 12 layers depending manufacturer) then its the clear coat which gives you gloss and protection from the paint from fading.


Now to the products that you should have:

Once you see the bird poop, spray a good amount of the soapy solution and wipe in circles, spray more solution if needed, do not drag towel use circular motions. Once its all removed apply a bit of detailer’s spray and wipe lightly with a new microfiber towel.

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Water-less detail?


Water less detail is the innovation in auto detail that allows a professional detailer to clean and decontaminate your vehicles exterior using small amounts of water and leaving behind beautiful results.

Would it scratch my paint? No, but with intention you can scratch and damage paint doing almost anything.Using this product with out proper training can cause damage.

Is it safe for any vehicle? Yes, we have cleaned several makes and models and they all reacted beautifully to it.

How does it work? The product formula  by encapsulation dirt and grime and separates it from the vehicles surface, suspending it in a unique blend of hyper-surfactants, natural wax, and slick lubricating agents at this stage it can be safely and easily wiped away with a soft microfiber towel.


How about black cars? We all know that black paint on cars has been thee death to many detailers, this product is completely safe to all colors

Advantages? Using loads of water is not only a waste it takes a toll to our environment, with most detailers carrying min 90 gallons of water 70% of it ends up on sewers, driveways and roads causing debris to wash away into our oceans.

DDYC  has been using waterless system for over 4 years. Imagine how many gallons of water we have saved. Book your car with us at and experience the best in auto detailing

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Are drive through car wash safe?

Would it damage my paint?, Do they really do what they advertise?

These are common questions we always get at DDYC , and to be honest we always recommend not to take them.

Yes, they will cause damage to your clear coat, the etch it and it can only be removed by polishing with compounds and special products and it some cases irreversible damage.

There are a few drive thru car wash:

1.-Touch less ( uses harsh chemicals and most of the grime will remain, the waxes used are diluted)

2.-Hand wash(usually its called the conveyor belt, there is no care for your car and they just move you along whether is done right or not. Typically all damage is caused by dropped towels)

3.-Bristle wash ( these are the most common ones they are really cheap and available at most gas station, these bristles are not regularly cleaned and replaced so swirl marks are always free here!!)

When it comes to your vehicle spend a few extra dollars by hiring a professional that has been certified in the art of detailing

new car                                    Damage caused by inexpensive drive thru


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Should I wash my car before or after the rain

We all have done it, we detail our cars and next thing you know it pours!!, its like pur money was washed away (intended pun). Well it is not a waste believe it or not, in the next few paragraphs we will explain why

As rain falls, it collects pollutants and contaminants from the air, and this is called Acid Rain. Look at the photo to the left, this is the effect of dried rain on a car. The Acid Rain has etched its way into the paint and caused defects. The only way to remove the etching is to polish and buff it out with a dual action polisher and professional grade buffing pads. Even after a short rainfall, rainwater and pollutants collect on your vehicle. The rain water eventually evaporates, leaving a thin layer of pollutants that can damage your car’s finish. The longer you leave the pollutants and contamination on your vehicle’s finish, the more damage it will inflict on your cars paint finish.

This is the effect of dried rain on a car.,The Acid Rain has etched its way into the paint and caused defects. The only way to remove the etching is to polish and buff it out with a dual action polisher and professional grade buffing pads. Even after a short rainfall, rainwater and pollutants collect on your vehicle. The rain water eventually evaporates, leaving a thin layer of pollutants that can damage your car’s finish.  Ignoring this damage can cause expensive damage and even to have to repaint your vehicle. 

Now not just rain can caused this, recycled water and potable water have minerals that cause the same damage, always get your car wash with reputable detailera that use clean non mineralized water.

The best solution to prevent this is to add sealants to your car which should always be applied by a certified installer. There are many products out there that can protect from 1yr to 5yrs, DDYC Is an authorized installer of ceramic coatings and we recommended this product for any car.

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No streaks on glass

Streaks on glass are quite annoying. We will provide a 3 step window cleaning process that guarantees no streaks.

We all had or tried cleaning our windows and after countless tries we leave behind streaks how annoying. Before instructions we will give ypu the recipe for the best window cleaner and its safe for tint

1.-new spray bottle (cannot be used due to contamination)

2.- Baby shampoo (yellow jhonson and jonhsons is best)

3.-Rubbing Alcohol

4.-Distilled water (has no minerals)

5.- debug sponge ( $2)

Fill the spray bottle with distilled water and leave enough space to drop the other items in, add 3 squirts of baby shampoo, one of alcohol close the spray. Ottle with the trigger and shake a bit. Now its ready

To cleand and dry the windows there are multitude of options but at DDYC  we love and live by microfiber towels (if you have a costco available I recommend to pick up a pack of their yellow ones they are awesome and past a long time) 

So you know one towel will not clean all windows usually for a small car you will need upto 5 towels.

Now the cleaning part starts, spray a good amount of solution on the window using the debug sponge scrub on circular motions to clean the entire window,spray more solution with a towel wipe all residue, with another clean and dry towel finish the glass again in circular motions voila you are done, now just repeat all windows and you are done. Just remember to replace towels as they get soaked and dirty.

To wash towels, drop them on your washer slow cycle warm water NO DETERGENT or SOAP. Doing this will cause your towels to leave streaks as the soap gets in between fibers and ruins them. Let them air dry and they will be ready to be used again

This process can be applied to any glass

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Keeping your wheels (rims) away from rust

As a #prodetailer, I always recommend to clean the exterior of the rim, but how about the inner well. Brake dust and high temperatures can take a deep toll on them an pit in areas where simple repairs can cost hundreds of dollars or they may need to be

There are several products that can help, the most common one is wheel wax which is not expensive and can add life to your wheels, except that it needs to be applied often but its an easy task.


The way this waxes and sealants are applied is the same concept that applies when you wax your vehicle, apply let it dry and use a clean micro fiber towel to remove haze.Sealants are applied once every year and make it easier to clean your wheels.

The investment is great specially when just repairing one wheel can cost upwards of $150 waxes and sealants cost $10-$50 and have up to 15 applications depending on size of rim.

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Making your car wax last longer than a couple of weeks

Making your car detailed look and stay pretty longer

So you take your car to the car wash/ detailer and it looks great but it just does not last long and within a few weeks your car is dull again. Painted surfaces have pores thus debris gets logged in these tiny pores creating a dull effect many experts vouch for clay bar treatments to your vehicles surfaces and glass to remove contaminates and leaving behind a nice smooth area for the wax to penetrate and seal properly giving you a long lasting result.

What is a clay bar treatment?Clay bar treatment is the process of removing bonded surface contaminants from your car that cannot be removed by washing alone and that need to be eliminated before the polishing process, using using a synthetic bar of poly clay.  It works by gently pulling and lifting the bonded contaminants off the surface which then become encapsulated in the clay.

Before ClayingAfter Claying

It is recommended to do this treatment at least once a year to prevent paint damage, oxidation and your clear coat from drying and peeling off. Following with a good wax or sealant will add a deep gloss to  your vehicle that will make you the envy of other drivers.

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