Why detail your car

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We get this question asked regularly, one of the main reasons to detail your car is to disinfect it and avoid getting sick and of course to drive a clean car.

Nowadays, we spent hours on our cars and to some of us its our office, dinner table, meeting room etc.. A simple wash does not take care of every corner and inch of your vehicle as a professional detailer we pay attention to edges and corners between seats, it is our main job to be detailed. Getting a detail job extends the life of your seats,carpets,paint rims etc.. because we use products to clean and protect.

Detail jobs are recommended every 3 months to keep your vehicle in top shape, this allows for a higher resale value and it shows that you really care for your car. Dealerships always are keen to cars that are well taken care of and they offer more than a dirty car when it comes to trading it in.

So don’t loose out on potential trade in value or even to be able to sell for the asking price.


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