How to rid of Pet Hair?

As pet owners, we want our furry friends to tag along everywhere and that includes our cars. This comes with a downsize as they shed and leaves us with furr all around the car.

If you tried to vacuum it you have experienced the frustration of this task, the hair just seems to be glued on there. The answer is static, hair is a conductor or electricity and as you vacuum you create static electricity and it won’t release the hair. Preventing this is easynnand you need a few items to make your life easier.

You will need the following:

1.-spray bottle filled with distilled water

2.-Rubber brush, pumice stone or lint brush

3.-Rubber gloves

4.-And of course a vacuum

The fastest way is using the pumice stone, you brush it against the grain in the desired are it will grab onto the hair then you can vacuum in clumps. Rubber brush has the same effect just wears out fast lastly is rubber gloves all you do is put on one and gluude your hands across the desired are clumps the hair then vacuum. If it’s difficult to move the hair around spray lightly distilled water the brush with onenof the items mentioned above.

It is recommended due to shampoo and disinfect upholstery due to pets dandruff. At DDYC we have products safe for pets and kids. 

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Achieving 5 Star rating on Uber / Lyft

Attention Uber/Lyft drivers!!! After researching the web the following steps can help you earn better rates and more rides. Remember thanks to you roads are safer but it comes with a cost.

An important part of your success as an Uber/lyft  driver is your ranking–Uber has stated that drivers with less than a 4.6 rating are no longer on good terms with the company. Plus, the higher your rank, the more inclined passengers are to accept a ride, so you’re going to want to keep your score nice and high.

A dirty vehicle can have an impact on your score plus your passengers may not be as comfortable contact us for current packages

Follow this steps to assure better ratings

  1. Be Prepared for Disaster. Smart drivers know that Friday and Saturday nights are where the money is. However, these times are also associated with the queasy underbelly of society. It’s a good idea to have gallon zip top bags on hand. With enough warning, you can offer one to a passenger and save your car’s interior. Another good idea for reinforcement? Rubber floor mats. Just carefully remove them, dump them out, and hose them off as needed.
  2. Get to Know the Area. Your GPS isn’t perfect, so it’s a good idea to develop a solid sense of direction. Customers want to take it easy while en-route, not copilot for their driver. Until you’re used to where things are, spend some time every day studying the map of your area. You’ll be a regular Ferdinand Magellan in no time!
  3. Dress and Act Professionally. Your car is your office, so don’t show up to work dressed like a slob. While this position doesn’t necessarily call for business casual, sweatpants and a dirty t-shirt don’t leave your riders with a great first impression. The same goes for your behavior. Don’t check your phone or take calls while you’re driving, and make sure you stay courteous. If you’re in a bad mood, don’t turn on the app.
  4. Get Your Car Detailed at Ricks on the Regular. High traffic in and out of your car often leaves behind a mess. Trash, stains, and odors can all negatively affect your rating. While DIY cleanings will do in a pinch, there are some messes that are better left to the professionals. We have you covered.

DDYC offers packages that not only make you car stand out we will sanitize your ride, to schedule use the form below or reach out to us at 7606512802


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Clay Bar Treatment? Why should you request it every time you get your car detailed?


An auto clay bar treatment is required to provide a long lasting coat of wax/sealant. Clay bar is an engineered resin compound used to remove contaminants from the surface of the vehicle’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. Detailing clay can be natural or synthetic, though most manufacturers utilize synthetic clay.

download (11)

You may not be able to see why you need it but a simple test can determine if you do. Wash and dry your car, put a plastic lunch bag over your hand lightly rub  your hands across it, if it feels gritty or rough your can vehicle can benefit from it.clay-graphic-bag


When is this needed? The surface of your vehicle faces assaults from the environment every time it’s out in the weather. Each road trip brings new insults from roadway debris, exhaust films, and airborne pollution. They will splash, mar, and embed themselves in that beautiful paint job you’ve labored over. This can also happen to stationary vehicles.

What Does detailing clay remove? Your vehicle is under constant assault from airborne pollutants. Brake dust, industrial fallout, acid rain deposits and rail dust all can adhere to your vehicle. These contaminants often contain metal particulates, which accounts for the ease with which they penetrate the clear coat to attack the paint below. These contaminants then oxidize, and they allow rust to spread beneath the clear coat. Tiny orange spots today, total paint system failure tomorrow! Detailing clay removes these contaminants in order to keep the paint healthy and vibrant.

Detailing Clay also removes stubborn sap, tar, and bug remains. Detailing clay works wonder on glass as well. Try some the next time you’re washing your windows. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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Carpet Beetles?


Recently we received a call from a client, she was driving and felt a insect on her hand she pulled over and found many more brownish insects thinking it may be fleas from her dog she stopped driving and her car towed to our shop.

After a carefully inspection we came to the conclusion that they are carpet beetles which in essence its better than fleas since they do not bite humans or pets but they do eat fibers which can be transferred through clothes.

download (10)

After a discussion with the client and an agreement of what needs to be done to remove them we started to work. These are our recommended steps:

1.-Remove any items that can be on contact with skin

2.-Any foods or drinks must be tossed

3.-Personal items and items of importance must be removed and place in bags to suffocate eggs and insects.

4.-Any clothing left needs to be properly cleaned

5.- 2-3 foggers must be applied. The first fogger after its application a good vacuum is needed. After 2 hrs a second application is needed. On every application the vehicle needs 20-30 to aerate, leaving all doors open is highly recommended.

6.-Complete interior sanitation is needed, upholstery shampoo, panels and dashboards must be disinfected and cleaned

After these steps the pest issue will be remedied, but the upkeep is always recommended. Always removed trash, unfinished food, unwanted items and keep you car cleaned by hiring an expert detailer like DDYC.

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Got a stinky Car?


You get in your car and it hits you, that smell that just seems not to go away. You have tried everything and used aromas to mask to smell and it just smells like odor with fragrance.

At DDYC, we have the solution but before we tell you how we rid of odors lets start with preventative measures.

1.- No food allowed in the car: this is easier spoken than actually put in place. Most of us have kids and its hard not to provide snacks to entertain and keep them busy instead of driving us to the “brink” of insanity. But a good method is to use dry snacks and water, most juices have dyes that will stain carpets and wont come off plus dry snacks are easily vacuumed. Keeping a set of towels in case a spill happens will help a lo in the long run.

2.- Our shoes: We step in several disgusting things through out the day and we bring that into the vehicle, most common solution is to spray scotch guard on the mats and carpets every time it gets vacuumed not only keeps them clean it protects against wear and tear.

3.-Spills from groceries: it happens you hit the breaks the food rolls spills and now you have milk/juice/liquids spill and if its not cleaned right away it can cause mold /mildew and really bad smells. Using a trunk organizer like this one can help and will keep your items in place. Also keep a box of baking soda around, if anything spills pour some over the are and let it dry then contact a reputable detailer to clean up the rest.

4.- Sweat: Like most of us we go to the gym then we get in our cars to continue our lives. Well, sweat has salt, sugars and urea and causes stains which can be diffidult to remove. Solution is to put a beach towel on your seat after the work out this way it absorbs it instead of your seat. Also adding scotch guard will do the trick

There is plenty more ways to get the car dirty and prevent it from doing so, in a next blog we will get deeper into it.

Odor removal by DDYC is a 3 step guaranteed process:

1.-Complete interior cleaning and sanitation

2.-Negative Ion treatment

3.- Cabin filter replacement

This 3 steps can take from 1hr to 4hrs and will leave your car ready for its next adventure. Booking an appointment with us is as easy as texting 7606512802




Cracked windshield, should I drive still?

images (3)

The , purpose of a windshield is to protect you from wind, debris, rain and other environment hazards. Although, with today’s standards even tempered glass is fragile and a small rock could cause damage and compromise the structure of the windshield and potentially causing harm to you and passengers.

But is it safe to drive your car once damage has occur?

Consider the following:

Size of damage: most small rock chips and cracks  can be repaired by mobile certified technicians and be fixed permanently being so most state laws will permit you to continue driving with the damage in the glass

Position: If the crack or chip its on the drivers way and interferes with regular driving is safe to say that it must be repaired rapidly before continuing driving. if this is not the case you can continue driving till a repair is scheduled

Growing cracks:  Leaving rock chips and cracks with out a fix will grow and continue to damage the structure of the glass, a small bump can cause it to grow and cost you more and having to replace the entire glass

Repair or replace: if a crack or chip is longer than 6 inches replacement is needed, repairs can be done to smaller damage. But it is always recommended to talk to a certified technician and get best advise. Also please check with your insurance depending on your policy it can be covered.

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5 ways to keep your car interior clean

The average driver spends 32 hrs stuck in traffic, and like many of us we like to eat, drink and use our car like an office, not to mention kids they always manage to leave crumbs and create a mini disaster. DDYC recommends the following steps and items to keep in your vehicle to avoid permanent damage.


Issue: Leather seats: They are easier to clean but if you spill liquids on it and let it sit it will permanently be damaged, in some cases a leather cleaner is needed. The dye in jeans will transfer and if not taken care of will stay permanent.

Fix: Clean Microfiber towels to absorb the liquid, meguiars leather wipes can clean almost anything and condition your leather.


Issue: the carpet and mats in our cars take the most damage ,(light colored carpets are the hardest to keep up with but not impossible) mud and debris we step on is transferred to it as well as items we drop.

Fix: Vacuuming often as well as shake your feet before entering your vehicle can help but next time you get your car detail ask for the carpet to be shampooed and scotchguard this can also be applied to car seats and headliners.

3.-Cupholders and center console

Issue: we all have had a coffee, soda or juice spilled in our cars, well this can cause permanent damage to carpets and vinyl surfaces.

Fix: add a few paper towels to the rim and bottom of cup holder, not only it makes a tighter grip it will absorb the “Sweat” from hot or cold cups. Plus if you have a spill towels will be readily available. We also recommend to have extra microfiber towels and a upholstery cleaner such as this one


Issue: Whether is windshield fog, kids fingerprints, smears, bird poop etc.. dirty windows can impair your driving.

Fix: Have a small spray bottle with distilled water, 3 drops of baby shampoo and one drop of alcohol and a few microfiber towels. spray and clean windows and enjoy a clear vision

5.-Door Panels, dash board and misc panels

Issue: Heat can warp and distort your panels causing hundreds of dollars to fix.

Fix: applying uv coatings to panels will help you can use products like this one we also recommend tinting your vehicle and adding a sun shade to your windshield


This items will definitively assure your vehicle looks like new, for questions or regards contact us at:


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