Owning a black car

As a professional detailer I hear this all the time, I love the way black cars look but its hard to keep them that way!! I will never own a black car because it scratches easily!! Its hard to wash a black car with out adding swirl marks!!. Well I can tell you that with the proper products you can actually enjoy and drive a black car and not cause damage to it.

Although most of the damage can and will be repaired it’s always best to prevent it from happpening by adding coatings such as ceramic (best in the market and lastest the longest) and or  pait sealants. Now please be aware that dealerships dont really wash cars properly and damage can be shown even  before you have purchase the vehicle. At DDYC we will inspect vehicle and advise if paint correction is needed before applying any coatings.

This does not only apply to new cars, previously owned can also be corrected through a buff an dpolish process, DDYC specializes in bring back a like new paint condition to any vehicle regardless of age as long as the clear coat has not failed.

After applying coatings to your car, washing it willbe a breeze since in most cases the car does not even need to be brushed or scrubbed, a good rinse and or water less product will make a huge difference. You Still want to hire a professional detailer to care for your car and advise them you have a coating on your vehicle to avoid them from using corrosive products. 

Now the last step is to really enjoy your ride and drive with pride!!!

For more  info and how to protect your new or old ride contact us at (760) 6512802 email at pablo@dontdivorceyourcar.com


Author: dontdivorceyourcar

Father and Husband Owner and Operator of Dont Divorce Your Car

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