Tire maintenance


We all know that we need to do oil changes, tune ups and regular washes, but most of us do not upkeep our tires and they are an integral part of our vehicle. With out proper maintenance we can suffer from premature wear, stiff rides and or blowouts. Let’s be honest a good set of tires can be expensive specially when they should not have to be replaced.

Following this steps can definitely assist in prolonging its life:

1.- Check regularly your tire pressure using a tire gauge (amazon has a great digital one for under $15.00) match it to the manufacturer standard listed on your tire

2.- Rotate your tires every 5 to 6K miles

3.- Get an Alignment done at least every 10k miles to

4.-Keep away from parking in areas where there is glass, screws, nails and items that can puncture your tires.

Keeping your tires with proper air and maintenance can definitive keep you on the safe side while driving your car.

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PAblo Acosta Owner and Operator of DDYC



Author: dontdivorceyourcar

Father and Husband Owner and Operator of Dont Divorce Your Car

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