How to rid of Pet Hair?

As pet owners, we want our furry friends to tag along everywhere and that includes our cars. This comes with a downsize as they shed and leaves us with furr all around the car.

If you tried to vacuum it you have experienced the frustration of this task, the hair just seems to be glued on there. The answer is static, hair is a conductor or electricity and as you vacuum you create static electricity and it won’t release the hair. Preventing this is easynnand you need a few items to make your life easier.

You will need the following:

1.-spray bottle filled with distilled water

2.-Rubber brush, pumice stone or lint brush

3.-Rubber gloves

4.-And of course a vacuum

The fastest way is using the pumice stone, you brush it against the grain in the desired are it will grab onto the hair then you can vacuum in clumps. Rubber brush has the same effect just wears out fast lastly is rubber gloves all you do is put on one and gluude your hands across the desired are clumps the hair then vacuum. If it’s difficult to move the hair around spray lightly distilled water the brush with onenof the items mentioned above.

It is recommended due to shampoo and disinfect upholstery due to pets dandruff. At DDYC we have products safe for pets and kids. 

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