Carpet Beetles?


Recently we received a call from a client, she was driving and felt a insect on her hand she pulled over and found many more brownish insects thinking it may be fleas from her dog she stopped driving and her car towed to our shop.

After a carefully inspection we came to the conclusion that they are carpet beetles which in essence its better than fleas since they do not bite humans or pets but they do eat fibers which can be transferred through clothes.

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After a discussion with the client and an agreement of what needs to be done to remove them we started to work. These are our recommended steps:

1.-Remove any items that can be on contact with skin

2.-Any foods or drinks must be tossed

3.-Personal items and items of importance must be removed and place in bags to suffocate eggs and insects.

4.-Any clothing left needs to be properly cleaned

5.- 2-3 foggers must be applied. The first fogger after its application a good vacuum is needed. After 2 hrs a second application is needed. On every application the vehicle needs 20-30 to aerate, leaving all doors open is highly recommended.

6.-Complete interior sanitation is needed, upholstery shampoo, panels and dashboards must be disinfected and cleaned

After these steps the pest issue will be remedied, but the upkeep is always recommended. Always removed trash, unfinished food, unwanted items and keep you car cleaned by hiring an expert detailer like DDYC.

For any questions reach out to us via our website, ph: (760) 651-2802 , email us at Pablo@dontdivorceyourcar or visit our shop at 538 Olive Ave Suite A 101 Vista CA 92083


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