Got a stinky Car?


You get in your car and it hits you, that smell that just seems not to go away. You have tried everything and used aromas to mask to smell and it just smells like odor with fragrance.

At DDYC, we have the solution but before we tell you how we rid of odors lets start with preventative measures.

1.- No food allowed in the car: this is easier spoken than actually put in place. Most of us have kids and its hard not to provide snacks to entertain and keep them busy instead of driving us to the “brink” of insanity. But a good method is to use dry snacks and water, most juices have dyes that will stain carpets and wont come off plus dry snacks are easily vacuumed. Keeping a set of towels in case a spill happens will help a lo in the long run.

2.- Our shoes: We step in several disgusting things through out the day and we bring that into the vehicle, most common solution is to spray scotch guard on the mats and carpets every time it gets vacuumed not only keeps them clean it protects against wear and tear.

3.-Spills from groceries: it happens you hit the breaks the food rolls spills and now you have milk/juice/liquids spill and if its not cleaned right away it can cause mold /mildew and really bad smells. Using a trunk organizer like this one can help and will keep your items in place. Also keep a box of baking soda around, if anything spills pour some over the are and let it dry then contact a reputable detailer to clean up the rest.

4.- Sweat: Like most of us we go to the gym then we get in our cars to continue our lives. Well, sweat has salt, sugars and urea and causes stains which can be diffidult to remove. Solution is to put a beach towel on your seat after the work out this way it absorbs it instead of your seat. Also adding scotch guard will do the trick

There is plenty more ways to get the car dirty and prevent it from doing so, in a next blog we will get deeper into it.

Odor removal by DDYC is a 3 step guaranteed process:

1.-Complete interior cleaning and sanitation

2.-Negative Ion treatment

3.- Cabin filter replacement

This 3 steps can take from 1hr to 4hrs and will leave your car ready for its next adventure. Booking an appointment with us is as easy as texting 7606512802





Author: dontdivorceyourcar

Father and Husband Owner and Operator of Dont Divorce Your Car

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