Cracked windshield, should I drive still?

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The , purpose of a windshield is to protect you from wind, debris, rain and other environment hazards. Although, with today’s standards even tempered glass is fragile and a small rock could cause damage and compromise the structure of the windshield and potentially causing harm to you and passengers.

But is it safe to drive your car once damage has occur?

Consider the following:

Size of damage: most small rock chips and cracks  can be repaired by mobile certified technicians and be fixed permanently being so most state laws will permit you to continue driving with the damage in the glass

Position: If the crack or chip its on the drivers way and interferes with regular driving is safe to say that it must be repaired rapidly before continuing driving. if this is not the case you can continue driving till a repair is scheduled

Growing cracks:  Leaving rock chips and cracks with out a fix will grow and continue to damage the structure of the glass, a small bump can cause it to grow and cost you more and having to replace the entire glass

Repair or replace: if a crack or chip is longer than 6 inches replacement is needed, repairs can be done to smaller damage. But it is always recommended to talk to a certified technician and get best advise. Also please check with your insurance depending on your policy it can be covered.

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