5 ways to keep your car interior clean

The average driver spends 32 hrs stuck in traffic, and like many of us we like to eat, drink and use our car like an office, not to mention kids they always manage to leave crumbs and create a mini disaster. DDYC recommends the following steps and items to keep in your vehicle to avoid permanent damage.


Issue: Leather seats: They are easier to clean but if you spill liquids on it and let it sit it will permanently be damaged, in some cases a leather cleaner is needed. The dye in jeans will transfer and if not taken care of will stay permanent.

Fix: Clean Microfiber towels to absorb the liquid, meguiars leather wipes can clean almost anything and condition your leather.


Issue: the carpet and mats in our cars take the most damage ,(light colored carpets are the hardest to keep up with but not impossible) mud and debris we step on is transferred to it as well as items we drop.

Fix: Vacuuming often as well as shake your feet before entering your vehicle can help but next time you get your car detail ask for the carpet to be shampooed and scotchguard this can also be applied to car seats and headliners.

3.-Cupholders and center console

Issue: we all have had a coffee, soda or juice spilled in our cars, well this can cause permanent damage to carpets and vinyl surfaces.

Fix: add a few paper towels to the rim and bottom of cup holder, not only it makes a tighter grip it will absorb the “Sweat” from hot or cold cups. Plus if you have a spill towels will be readily available. We also recommend to have extra microfiber towels and a upholstery cleaner such as this one


Issue: Whether is windshield fog, kids fingerprints, smears, bird poop etc.. dirty windows can impair your driving.

Fix: Have a small spray bottle with distilled water, 3 drops of baby shampoo and one drop of alcohol and a few microfiber towels. spray and clean windows and enjoy a clear vision

5.-Door Panels, dash board and misc panels

Issue: Heat can warp and distort your panels causing hundreds of dollars to fix.

Fix: applying uv coatings to panels will help you can use products like this one we also recommend tinting your vehicle and adding a sun shade to your windshield


This items will definitively assure your vehicle looks like new, for questions or regards contact us at:


Pablo Acosta owner and operator of Dont Divorce your Car (DDYC) / Ph 760-651-2802 / email us at pablo@dontdivorceyourcar.com / our website http://www.dontdivorceyourcar.com / we are on facebook twitter instagram and google plus



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Father and Husband Owner and Operator of Dont Divorce Your Car

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