Are drive through car wash safe?

Would it damage my paint?, Do they really do what they advertise?

These are common questions we always get at DDYC , and to be honest we always recommend not to take them.

Yes, they will cause damage to your clear coat, the etch it and it can only be removed by polishing with compounds and special products and it some cases irreversible damage.

There are a few drive thru car wash:

1.-Touch less ( uses harsh chemicals and most of the grime will remain, the waxes used are diluted)

2.-Hand wash(usually its called the conveyor belt, there is no care for your car and they just move you along whether is done right or not. Typically all damage is caused by dropped towels)

3.-Bristle wash ( these are the most common ones they are really cheap and available at most gas station, these bristles are not regularly cleaned and replaced so swirl marks are always free here!!)

When it comes to your vehicle spend a few extra dollars by hiring a professional that has been certified in the art of detailing

new car                                    Damage caused by inexpensive drive thru


For more info contact

/Pablo Acosta / Owner/ DDYC / (760)651-2802 / /


Author: dontdivorceyourcar

Father and Husband Owner and Operator of Dont Divorce Your Car

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