No streaks on glass

Streaks on glass are quite annoying. We will provide a 3 step window cleaning process that guarantees no streaks.

We all had or tried cleaning our windows and after countless tries we leave behind streaks how annoying. Before instructions we will give ypu the recipe for the best window cleaner and its safe for tint

1.-new spray bottle (cannot be used due to contamination)

2.- Baby shampoo (yellow jhonson and jonhsons is best)

3.-Rubbing Alcohol

4.-Distilled water (has no minerals)

5.- debug sponge ( $2)

Fill the spray bottle with distilled water and leave enough space to drop the other items in, add 3 squirts of baby shampoo, one of alcohol close the spray. Ottle with the trigger and shake a bit. Now its ready

To cleand and dry the windows there are multitude of options but at DDYC  we love and live by microfiber towels (if you have a costco available I recommend to pick up a pack of their yellow ones they are awesome and past a long time) 

So you know one towel will not clean all windows usually for a small car you will need upto 5 towels.

Now the cleaning part starts, spray a good amount of solution on the window using the debug sponge scrub on circular motions to clean the entire window,spray more solution with a towel wipe all residue, with another clean and dry towel finish the glass again in circular motions voila you are done, now just repeat all windows and you are done. Just remember to replace towels as they get soaked and dirty.

To wash towels, drop them on your washer slow cycle warm water NO DETERGENT or SOAP. Doing this will cause your towels to leave streaks as the soap gets in between fibers and ruins them. Let them air dry and they will be ready to be used again

This process can be applied to any glass

Pablo Acosta / / (760)6512802


Author: dontdivorceyourcar

Father and Husband Owner and Operator of Dont Divorce Your Car

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