Keeping your wheels (rims) away from rust

As a #prodetailer, I always recommend to clean the exterior of the rim, but how about the inner well. Brake dust and high temperatures can take a deep toll on them an pit in areas where simple repairs can cost hundreds of dollars or they may need to be

There are several products that can help, the most common one is wheel wax which is not expensive and can add life to your wheels, except that it needs to be applied often but its an easy task.


The way this waxes and sealants are applied is the same concept that applies when you wax your vehicle, apply let it dry and use a clean micro fiber towel to remove haze.Sealants are applied once every year and make it easier to clean your wheels.

The investment is great specially when just repairing one wheel can cost upwards of $150 waxes and sealants cost $10-$50 and have up to 15 applications depending on size of rim.

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